Whale Watching

Bermagui is an extremely popular location for whale watching and one of the best places to enjoy this truly magnificent sight, is from the verandah of the Bermagui Beach Hotel.

The whale watching season extends from late September to late November. Each year, humpback whales and other species migrate south along Australia’s east coast after spending several months in warmer waters where they mate and give birth.

During the season, the Humpback, the Southern Right Whale, the Pygmy Right whale, Minke Brydes and the False Killer Whale can be seen off Bermagui. In recent years, pods of the endangered blue whales, and out to sea, Orca and Sperm whales have been sighted. 

The unique experience of seeing humpback whales feeding is unforgettable. Shrimp and fish are herded by up to four to six whales, the humpbacks then each take turns at diving and lunging upwards through the densely packed prey with their mouths wide open. Previously, this had only been seen in Antarctic waters.


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